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Capt James Maxwell Rev.War; Virginia State Navy Capt Cormorant.
Capt Thomas Maxwell 1748- 1780 Virginia Battle of Kings Mountian South Carolina.
Robert Maxwell Aug 4, 1836 Served Civil War Co B 11th I.v.I and company " B " 72nd Indiania Mounted Infantry, served three years in July 15th 1862 and Discharged Nashville Tenn.
Benjam F. Maxwell  Civil War 25th June 1861 as a Private in " A " 79th U.S Infantry Honorably Discharged at Fort Wayne Detriot MI. on June 1864.
Thomas Benton Maxwell served Civil War Co " G " 11th I.V.I Lew Wallace Reg 13th and 19th A.C.
William Henry Maxwell served confederate Under General Price with brother John Maxwell and cousin William and Charles Whitley
and Half Brother Uncle Rufus Senisntaffer He was born Jacjson Center PA. 1894 was in the Army during WWI. He was SGT.


Darrell Ingram Maxwell born in Farrell PA He was an ENS in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He was killed Dec 1, 1944 at Invasion of Lyete.
Raymond Austin Maxwell Jr. was born July 19, 1936 ( Naberth, Penn) died July 23, 2003 ( Conronado CA.) servrd in the Korean War in the U.S Army as a Corpal. Source: Discharge form DD- 214
Raymind Austin Maxwell Sr. was born November 8, 1905 ( Philadelphia, PA ) d: March 18, 1983 ( Leesburg, Virginia ) served in WWII in the U.S. Navy received Medal of Commendation for his duty at Guadal Canal on USS Betegelguse. Source: Family Information.
Samuel Levi FlinnJr.  was born July 1844 ( New Jersey ) and died 15 Oct 1904, joined U.S Army as a drummer boy. Served in Civil War probable info for Pennsylvania in the Civil War
date of muster into service years 22 1864 Remarks: mustered out with battery June 30 1865 5th Heavey Artillery 204th Regiment ( Battery A ) Pennsylvania Volunteers.
Aston Hugh Morgan (III)  b:c 1926 ( Probably Narbeth PA or Philadelphia PA ) d: 5 April 5, 1945 Killed in Action during WWII buried in Belgium.
Stanley E. Whittaker ( Original Family name)
b: 1926 ( Probably Boston Area ) d;? served in the U.s Army during the korean War. Source: Family information.
Robert woodford Maxwell born 11 Oct 1946 in Brookfeild Missouri. Enlisted in the U.S Army July 14 1965 he was 18 years of age. He spent 3 months in Vietnam was Honorably Discharged on 4 July 1968 in Oakland CA. Source: Form DD-214.
Gerald Ancil Maxwell He served in the U.S.
Army in WWII.
James Cornelius Maxwell [ b: Dec 1847 in the US] enlisted 8 Aug 1864 in Co B 49th Reg of Missouri Volnteere and was Honorably discharged 2 Aug 1865 d: Nov 1903 intermened in Citizens Cemetery at Prescott Arizonia.

Glenn Paul Maxwell

Glenn Paul Maxwell was born the middle child of five to SELMA FLORIC SMITH and ZERA MAXWELL on Nov 8, 1928 Tocca, Georgia his oldest brothers was named Coy Edwards and then Guy Melvine. His sisters were twins Martha and Madge who were the youngest.
    In 1943 just one month before Glenn's 15th Birthday, he followed his older brothers Coy and GUY, to Wisconsin and afterwards left for the South Pacific. On Oct 1947 reenlisted and was sent to N.A.F. Weeksville, North Carolina,
where he operated the flight clearence deck and control towers. He was transferred in Dec 1950 to manage the aircraft engines build-up shop on board the aircraft USS Gilbert Island CVE-107; oct 1052 transferred to maintain and fly as flight enginer on the GoodYear ( Blimps ) at Weeksville, Noth Carolina; during May 1955 he managed night shift mantiance crew for air at Naval combat Intelligence Officers School at N.A.F. Glynco, Georgia, during July 1957 he was transferredd to night mantiance crew and flew as flight mechanic on Lockheed Neptune patrol bombers with patrol squadrom 10 at N.a.s. Brunswick, Maine: during Aug 1960 he managed the mantiance crew and flew as instructor flight mechanic and investigated aircraft accidents with training squadrom 31 at Corpus Christie Texas; during July 1964 was transferred to Barbers Point, Hawii, where he operated mantiance control aircraft with transport squadrom 21. On July 1976 he was assigned as aircraft mantiance advisor to Staff Chief of Naval air Training at N.S.A. Pensacola, Florida. During Feb 1969 he managed Division Office with Training squsdrom 3, 1970 Glenn Maxwell retired from service having completed 26 years 4 days of Honorable Service.
      During his time in the Navy, he was also deployed to many places including, Japan, Guam< Australia, Morocco, Lebanon and Several countires in South America and many more.
     He also went to training Schools received G E D and took College courses.
     On Oct 3, 1976 Glenn Maxwell passed away, one month before his 48th Birthday, his final resting place is n board the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida in the Barrancas National Cemetery.
Hugh Kennedy Maxwell was born June 12 1929, joined the 2nd Tronto Irish Regiment of Canada ( Reserve ) as a Boy Pper on June 15, 1943, although too young for  " Active Duty " He stayed with the Irish Pipes and Drums until early 1945, Took leave of absent in 1945 to sail with the Canadian Merchant Navy until the end of WWII. Rejoined the Irish Regiment until transferring into the Toronto Scottish Regiment Pipe Band in 1969. 1971 transferred to Toronto Service Battalion Pipe Band as SGT..Piper. Still playing the pipes every monday night with 25 service Battalion, Denison Armoury, Toronto.
 Also play at legion functions and Funreals a bit. Too old for Weddings, they drag on to long!
Samuel Leslie Maxwell a Korean Veteran-served in the U.S Navy from 1950-1954 Aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Shangri-la and USS Antietan.
May God Rest His Soul born 31 July, 1930 died 2 June 2002
Honorably and proudly Served his Country in the US Marine Corps during the Korean Conflict, 1950- 1954 Semper Fidelis and Thanks Dad.
USN,born October 15, 1919, died July 2, 2002, proudly served on Submarines in the Pacific in WWII and on Destroyers during the Korean war.
Earl Clearence Maxwell
was a Korean War Veteran b: July 17, 1927
d: Sept 29, 1979. He Served in the US Army
in Korean War abt 1950 to 1954.

Earl Clearence Maxwell

Vern Edwin Maxwell b: 31 July 1916 d: 3 May 1946 WWII Veteran inducted into the Army in June 1945 Honorably discharged Feb 1946.
Bevan John Maxwell served on the HMNZS Gambia WWII. My Grandfather Aleaxnder Holmes Maxwell(deceased ) was in the Army WWI, both servived the respective wars and were discharged at the End. Amen Kings regards.  Grant Maxwell Relatives.
Samuel white Maxwell b: 1893 d:1968
Gunner 11/202, Feild Artillery
Egypt 1914 ( sailed from Wellington 16th October 1914 )
Balkan, Gallipoli 1915
Egyptian Expiditonary Forces 1916
Western Europe 1916, 1917,1918
wonded in Belgin and to Dressing station Dikkebus 21.2.1918
Left for England to stay at the Hornchurch Camp for NZers, and discharged from Army 22.11.19.